Japanese Morning Banana Diet That Can Help You Lose Weight Very Fast!

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Eat a banana every morning and lose about 10 pounds within a week, and what is best, the morning banana diet regimen does not need any special effort nor some specific changes in your dietary habits. This diet became so popular after Hitoshi Watanabe initially presented it in his book “The morning banana diet.”

It is very easy: In the morning you should eat just bananas and drink water at room temperature. You can consume anything during the day. Is it really that simple?

After a lot of unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, Watanabe chose to write down his experience with all the diet regimens he had attempted previously, including the scientific knowledge of his wife Sumiko, a pharmacist, which she gained during the research in the field of preventive medicine.

Together they build a method, the Morning Banana Diet, and got popularity in people who do not truly like sweating at the fitness center. Obese people are normally suggested to exercise in order to burn more calories, however Watanabe helped them avoid this torture and provided a basic solution: eating a fresh banana and drinking a glass of water in the morning, and naturally, you must not eat anything until your lunch.

Bananas are packed with resistant starch which actively promotes the weight loss process. Naturally, not all types of starch have equal effect. Starch is divided into digestible and resistant starch. Resistant starch does not dissolve in the small intestine, however goes straight in the large intestine where the fermentation process starts.

Bacteria turn resistant starch into short-chain fats that feed cells and contribute to a much healthier gastrointestinal tract.

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