Vitamin B17 Is The Most Notorious Cover Up In Cancer History

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Good for us, we live in day and age when we have many medical success stories and benefits too. But, still there is some secret as far as cancer goes.

The standard cancer methods hurt us and trigger death even. There is one natural cure that has been hidden, is it still hidden now?

That is APRICOT kernel!

Does it cost a lot? What is the link with B17? Is it a cancer cure?

This vitamin is more than it appears. And is not actually a vitamin, but more like amygdalin, purasin, laetrile, laevorotatory. And it is consisted of hydrogen cyanide and glucose.

The cyanide part is not as scary as you think. It is just minimal trace, experts say and you have to eat 65 kernels to suffer the damage.

Some people think this kills the cancer cells. But, the glucose goes into the cancer cell and the benzaldahyde and cyanide work together against the sick cell.

Lots of us think cyanide cannot be inside, but cancer is harmful more, remember this. Yes, cyanide might remove the cancer, but is not deadly for sure.


Experts said something about the laetrile and cancer and how there is no specific result.

Some cancer experts used this laetrile and treated patients, but FDA forbade this as allegations appeared.

Some thought this was forbidden due to bad earning money. They would never promote something not original and risk losing money.

MD, John Richardson and other such said they used laetrile secretly for cancer. But in the book Laetrile Case Histories- Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience was said more on this topic.

The reporter of Sloan-Kettering released info on the laetrile results and was fired after this, even though he was an amazing reporter.

Cancer policy is strict a lot. Hidden information is also normal in this case and as people dye, others profit of it. Another similar book is World Without Cancer – Story of vitamin B17.


We do not say get the laetrile, but at least consider alternative healing first. See what suits you best. This article is just a report of already made studies and cases.

You can find such kernels on Amazon and always read the reviews to see others’ experience. For example a woman said she ordered them 2 months ago and cured toenail fungi. Indigestion was cured and prostate for males was cured too. she even lost 15 pounds and had more energy. Their taste is bitter, but be brave and handle it. Mix them with dark chocolate if you prefer. She is now down to 8 daily and feels the best!

For best results, have the kernels with low sugar meals. If you have cancer, keep this in mind. You might need to see more researches, but be cautious.

Amazon review people commented that laetrile cannot make you worse, but eat some kernels at least. If you compare the kernels and laetrile it is clear which would be better.

Is this the cancer cure? Who would affirm? Still the laetrile is stopped, but the kernels can be found as supplements.

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