7-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan to Fight Cancer, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Obesity and More!

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The body burns fat instead of sugar once in ketosis and you will experience significantly boosted weight loss as a result!

65% / 30% / 5% is the ideal ratio of fat to protein to carbs!

The only thing you should do is to balance the keto meal plan as it is presented below for the proper ratio and thus preventing and curing different health issues such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart issues!

What is Ketogenic Diet?

This diet was created by Dr. Geyelin in 1920 and it is low in carbs and high in fat! This doctor concluded a strong relations between decreased number of seizures with his patients and not eating high carb foods!

There were also relations and improvements with body fat, hunger, blood sugar and cholesterol!

What is Ketosis?

The ketogenic diet works trough glucose elimination, like any low-carb diet. The body normally uses glucose to create energy as you probably live in on a high-carb-diet.

The body actually starts melting stored fat when glucose is not available from food sources. This situation is called putting your organism in ketosis!

This diet stimulates the body to melt its own fat. This diet has positive effects on epilepsy, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes and even cancer patients.

Ketogenic diet decreases the intake of carbs and substitutes them for proteins and healthy fats.

7-Day Ketogenic Diet Plan

Day 1

Breakfast: bacon, eggs and tomato

Lunch: feta cheese, chicken and olive oil (salad)

Dinner: salmon in butter and cooked asparagus

Day 2

Breakfast: goat cheese, eggs, tomatoes, and basil

Lunch: peanut butter with stevia, milkshake, cocoa butter and mixed almond milk

Dinner:  meatballs mixed with vegetables and cheddar cheese

Day 3

Breakfast: keto milkshake

Lunch: avocado, olive oil and prawns

Dinner: parmesan cheese and broccoli salad with pork chops

Day 4

Breakfast: salsa omelette with onions, avocado, spices and peppers.

Lunch: handful of nuts, guacamole and celery with salsa

Dinner: cheese, veggies and stuffed chicken

Day 5

Breakfast: cheese omelet and tomatoes

Lunch: previous dinner’s leftovers

Dinner: mushrooms, eggs, steak, and salad

Day 6

Breakfast: ham omelet and veggies

Lunch: cheese, ham and a handful of nuts

Dinner: eggs, beef steak and salad

Day 7

Breakfast: mushrooms, bacon and eggs

Lunch: salsa cheese and guacamole hamburger

Dinner: eggs, beef steak and salad

You should definitely follow ketogenic diet if you really want to improve your health, fight cancer, weight loss, endurance and performance enhancement!

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