5 Unheard Benefits Of Evion Vitamin E Capsule That Will Enhance Your Beauty In No Time

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#1. To remove scars from your face

Add 1 vitamin E capsule in your night cream before application. Do it on regular basis and in just few days of time you can see a big change

#2. Nail nourishment

Just take the smallest drop of the capsule serum and use it to massage the cuticles. It works wonder to healing flaky and dry nails. You will notice, the skin around the nails turning softer soon after a few uses.

#3. Acne spot treatment

Make a whole in this capsule, take out its oil. apply this oil directly on your acne. In just 1 night you can see change yourself

#4. Hair serum

You can use it as hair serum too and the results are amazing. Depending on the hair length, open two to three Evion capsules. Apply it thoroughly all over the hair, covering the entire length of the hair. The ideal way is to apply the gel from roots to tips.

Since the serum from these capsules is very thick and greasy, your scalp might turn a bit oily. Keep it for 30 minutes to one hour. Wash your hair thoroughly and condition them. You will get healthy hair if you use it on a regular basis.

#5. Replace your costly moisturizer

You do not have to spend too much money on moisturizer. Buy a normal one that suits you and add few drops of vitamin E oil before every use

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