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Our home is our sacred place where we relax and feel the most secure. However, there are some things inside our homes like spiders and other pests that can really ruin our day. Spiders and bugs are creepy and disgusting, and there’s not a person on the world which doesn’t want to destroy them.

Although people usually call the exterminator in order to deal with their bug infestation, there are simpler alternatives that can keep spiders and bugs away from your home. Here are 6 effective remedies which will make your house bug-free:

  1. Cedar

Cedar is a natural insect repellent that will keep bugs away won’t rot. Put a bit of cedar in your dressers, cupboards and hangers or use protective cedar mulch around your house to keep the crawlers away.

  1. Keep your yard clean

Keeping your backyard clean is one of the most effective ways against a spider infestation. Yards are perfect for spiders to multiply, but keeping them tidy and organized will deter the creepy insects and keep them away from your house.

  1. Citrus fruits

Almost all bugs including spiders hate the scent of citrus fruits. Rub your walls, cupboards, window stills and windows with citrus peels every week to repel the insects.

  1. Peppermint oil

Here’s another thing spiders hate – spraying a mixture of peppermint oil near the areas with spider webs will keep your home spider-free.

  1. Keep your home clean

Spiders and all bugs love dusty and dirty homes. To avoid attracting them, you should keep your home clean at all times. If your basement is moldy and wet, use a humidifier and resolve the situation as soon as possible to prevent spiders from multiplying in your cellar.

  1. Vinegar

Spraying vinegar around your home and in every crack and crevice you noticed will keep bugs away from your home. Add a few drops of your peppermint oil to boost the effects of the liquid and neutralize its smell.

Besides spiders, there are other bugs which can infest our home. The advices against any other types of bugs are pretty much the same – you can use citrus peels or essential oils, as well as peppermint oil, vinegar or cedar to repel them. If you’re dealing with ants, you can put pieces of cucumber in the frequented areas; if you’re having problems with flies, use crushed mint leaves to deter them.

No matter the type of bugs you’re dealing with, you should always use natural remedies to resolve the problem. They are a far cheaper and more effective solution than chemical agents which can harm your health beyond repair.

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