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Nowadays every woman wants to have a sculpted body and look perfect. Many of them follow exhausted diets and exercises to get the body they always dreamed about. But it so not so easy like it seems. If you want to lose your extra weight, first of all, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist. You must find what kind of diet will improve your health and at the same time help you burn fat. To lose weight, our body should firstly be sugar detoxified. That is why in this article we from Go Fit Stay Fit Team are going to present you a 3-day detox plan for reducing the extra pounds in your own home.

Day 1

Breakfast:  3 boiled eggs and vegetable salad

Snack: A handful of nuts

Lunch: Green vegetables

Snack: A cup of berries

Dinner: Steamed fish and green beans or salmon with asparagus

Day 2

Breakfast: Oatmeal with soy milk and berries

Snack: A handful of almonds

Lunch: Grilled vegetables

Snack: Carrots

Dinner: Vegetable soup

Day 3

Breakfast: Choose between two boiled eggs and spinach or oatmeal with berries

Snack: A handful of nuts

Lunch: Roasted chicken and chicken soup

Snack: A cup of berries

Dinner: Pasta with mushroom and tomato sauce.

Rules you should follow this detox plan:

  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and tea
  • Avoid soda
  • Avoid sweets, cookies, and cakes
  • Never take your dinner after 8 pm
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise regularly
  • Have enough sleep
  • Relieve stress ( practice yoga, meditation)
  • Never skip a meal

Before starting the deter plan, you should consult your nutritionist or doctor

As we all know our body needs sugars to work properly so we shouldn’t follow this detox plan more than three days. It is recommended after three days to make a pause and then continue the detox plan. Never do this on your own without the permission of your doctor.

Contraindication for this deter plan:

  • People who suffer from diabetes
  • People with kidney diseases
  • People under the age of 18 and after the age of 60
  • Pregnant women
  • People with cardiovascular diseases
  • People with metabolic disorders

This 3-days sugar deters plan is ideal for everyone who wants to lose their weight in an easy and fast way. It gives you the results for a short period, and numerous of people around the world are satisfied by it.

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