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Relationship is a rather complicated thing. There is no system or plan which you can use to build strong and happy relations. All men and women are distinctly different from each other. Nevertheless, all of us want to know how to attract the opposite sex.

Of course, there is no a certain type of woman which will attract every man. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences and it’s impossible to find anything completely common for all guys. But there are some things which the majority of men consider to be beautiful and sexy.

Today we have something special for you. We will tell you 17 things, which attract men. Some of them are rather obvious, but other can surprise you.


  1. When a woman slightly bites her lip

This gesture can look both sexy and cute depending on the situation. It makes you attractive and men will feel affectionate toward you. Your soft lips will attract his attention.


  1. Smooth skin

Smooth skin looks really attractive. So, there is no surprise that women started remove undesirable hair already in the times of ancient civilizations. Such skin causes desire to touch.


  1. A strict hairstyle

Many girls think that it doesn’t look very attractive. But men consider, that women who have such a hairstyle look hot and sexy. Besides, in such a way they can see your neck and shoulders, which are one of the most attractive women’s body parts.


  1. An unusual appearance

Men consider women with extraordinary look to be interesting. When they see such a girl, they have a desire to know more about her. They think that unusual woman is creative and it will be really great to begin a conversation with her.


  1. A woman in a man’s shirt

Yep, they think that it’s sexy. Besides, if the woman wears her man’s shirt, he understands that she is a really close person to him. He realizes that this woman belongs to him.


  1. An over-the-shoulder glance

There is some magic in an over-the-shoulder glance. That’s why there is no surprise that men consider it to be very sexy. A woman can make her man feel passionate towards her with just one glance like this.


  1. Confident women

A woman, which is self-confident is really attractive. She always looks perfect. When she enters the room, all men’s attention belongs to her. This is not surprising that men consider such women to be really sexy.


  1. Bare shoulders

Smooth skin, clavicles and the lines of shoulders- all these things attract men’s attention. That’s why they think that women wearing clothes which open this area look really beautiful.


  1. A beautiful walk in heels

Some women don’t wear heels, others just can’t wear high heels and that’s a pity. But a woman wearing shoes with high heels always looks attractive. And if her gait is smooth and graceful, it looks really gorgeous.


  1. A sexy voice

Could you ever imagine that beautiful voice can also attract men? Yep, it’s true. It is said that Marilyn Monroe’s voice charmed all men and affected them like Viagra.


  1. Full lips

Full red lips can be called a symbol of our femininity. Guys consider it to be really attractive and sexy. But you shouldn’t make them look bigger on purpose, this gesture won’t look tempting.


  1. Elegance

Elegance makes attractive every woman. Dapper lady looks beautifully and gracefully. There is a harmony in such a woman: she is both sexy and feminine. Her image is perfect from the behavior to the clothes. A woman like this always attracts men’s attention.


  1. Sport leggings

That’s not surprising. Such leggings emphasize slim legs and toned booty. Wearing them you make your silhouette feminine. That always looks attractive. Of course, you shouldn’t wear sport leggings everywhere, but in the gym or in the supermarket it’s OK.


  1. Freckles

Most of girls hate their freckles and do all their best to get rid of this “problem”. They think that it’s not beautiful at all. But men consider that freckles look very feminine, cute and attractive.


  1. Natural makeup

Natural beauty is rather rare nowadays. Unfortunately, the majority of women hide their appearance under the layers of make-up. Men think that only natural make up looks attractive.


  1. Glasses

Many women think that they don’t look good in glasses and wear contact lens. But they don’t know that men consider girls in glasses to be very attractive. This accessory adds some inapproachability to your image making you the object of attention for men.


  1. Sincere laughter

There are women who think that wide smile or loud laughter can destroy their image. But if your emotions are sincere they only make you more beautiful. Men just adore women who are not afraid to express their real emotions.

We at  everyone to know and experience true love. It is out there for everyone and until it knocks on your door we are here to remind you that you deserve the best love!

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