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One study, which was published in an Italian scientific journal, has showed that the fat in the chicken meat has been increased by 224%, while the percentage of the proteins has lowered significantly.

This has been shown by the white stripes on the meat, which have started appearing more and more.

A lot of scientists all around are worried and they warn the users. This actually destroys the tonus of the muscles in the animal meat.

You probably have been witness to these white stripes on the meat, but you maybe haven’t paid attention to it. Some experts warn that during the past few years, there have been more and more of those white stripes, and the more the meat has of them, the lower its quality is.

There have been 285 birds tested, and only 96 of them showed those stripes. Those stripes lower the quality of the meat and that are not good news, if we consider the fact that a lot of the people around the world consume chicken meat rather than any other type of meat.

In order to get a bigger chicken for a short period of time, the manufacturers give their best, so they can save money. So, if in the period of the 50s, an average chicken weighted around 1.3kg and was around 70 days old, the chicken we buy nowadays weighs 3kg and is around 47 days old.

Despite all this, some nutritionists have recommended chicken as one of the first choices when it comes to consumption of meat. The nutritionists also advise that as long as you don’t fry it or you don’t combine it with carbohydrates, chicken will be your best choice for proteins, as well as vitamin B, and vitamin B12.

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