Just One Teaspoon Can Empty Over 15 Pounds Of Waste From Your Colon

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The colon is actually the longest part of the large intestine, and its role is in the process of digestion, waste elimination, as well as our overall health and well-being.

While every one of us spends a great deal of time focusing our attention on the overall health and well-being, this is one area which is usually overlooked.

As a consequence, the result of this can be a colon which is not working in the proper way, which can actually lead to troubling health conditions which include chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. If you ever had poor digestive health, you probably know well that it is able to affect far more than just the ability of eating and processing foods.

Poor digestive health was also connected with a list of health problems which include stomach pain, bloating, weak immunity, chronic fatigue, as well as allergic reactions, low energy, frequent headaches, brain fog, irritability, changes in the appetite, bad breath and even some serious health problems like colon cancer.

Furthermore, if you are not eliminating waste in the proper way, it can have negative influence on the bowel movement, limiting the capacity of the body to absorb nutrients in the proper way from the foods which you eat. It can result in vitamin, as well as mineral deficiencies which are similar to those which are experienced by people suffering from malnutrition, even if you are trying to eat healthy regularly.

Colon cleanses were conducted throughout history, but, a lot of people claim that nowadays, it is more important than ever. If you are wondering why, then you should consider the type, as well as the quality of foods which we are consuming today, compared to those that people consumed in ancient times. Nowadays, the food which we eat is loaded with preservatives, additives, as well as some other chemicals which can build up in our system if left unmanaged.

All this, combined with the fact that we are not drinking nearly enough water, we consume too much coffee or alcohol, and a number of medications are actually connected with the risk of constipation.

Cleansing, as well as clearing the colon is usually conducted in different ways. On one hand, it can be conducted at our home, with the use of a commercially bought laxative solution or supplement, which in some cases can actually case some serious side effects and sometimes even worse, the condition, or with the help of some natural or alternative medical approaches, which are completely safe.

If you look for some simple and natural solution, you should try the following natural laxative:

This is a remedy which is very easy to prepare and it is also effective in cleaning any built-up waste, relieving constipation, as well as naturally cleansing the colon for some better overall health.

Needed ingredients:

 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel;
 1 lemon;
 3 cups of purified water;
 Raw, organic honey (optional).


In one blender, you should add 2 cups of water, the lemon juice, as well as the Aloe Vera gel and blend them well.

The next thing to do is add the remaining water and blend again until it is well mixed and an even consistency.

If you really don’t like the taste of this mixture, you can add honey so you will improve it.

You should drink one cup of the mixture in the morning, immediately after you wake up, on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before eating anything. The remaining 2 cups should be consumed in the same way, 30 minutes before launch and dinner.

If you are looking for some other natural laxative options, we have a few of them, which include high fiber foods, lubricant laxatives, and so on:

 Leafy greens (Spinach, kale, cabbage);
 Chia seeds;
 Oat Bran;
 Blueberries, blackberries;
 Olive oil.

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