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According to various reports, a massive spot has been found on the surface of the Sun. Furthermore, NASA has stated that it could send dangerous solar flares toward Earth.

The massive sunspot, which has been given the name AR2665 is 74,560 miles wide. Sunspots are the product of the interaction between the Sun’s magnetic field and the cooler areas of the massive star. However, this particular sunspot is larger than Earth.

The Metro reported that “In a worst-case scenario that could mean communications satellites could be knocked out and it could cause radiation storms. It could also affect power grids leading to electricity shortages in some areas.
The storm has been monitored by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory over the last week.”

They also reported that NASA has stated that a new sunspot group had come into view and seemed to be growing rather quickly. “It is the first sunspot to appear after the sun was spotless for two days, and it is the only sunspot group on the sun at this moment.
‘It could be the source for some solar flares, but it is too early to predict just what it will do.’

‘Like freckles on the face of the sun, they appear to be small features, but size is relative: The dark core of this sunspot is actually larger than Earth.’

NASA has predicted that the next solar minimum, a period of low solar activity, will occur in 2019 or 2020. This is typically when sunspots are formed. For now, we must hope for the best, as it is too early to tell, either way.

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