Only One Spoonful Is Enough In This And In 5 Minutes You Will Be Able To Remove From Your Intestines The Poop Of 7 Days And Lose Weight

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We invest a lot of time and effort in keeping the body healthy and it is worth doing because if our body does not work.

As it should we could not perform our daily activities. But these efforts are often interrupted if you do not have a balanced diet.

Although you exercise daily and have a life that you consider healthy, if your diet is not correct you will not see great results and your body will be as healthy as you expect. If you do not eat what you owe, your body will not be able to absorb the nutrients and vitamins needed to function and it can also store toxins that will do you a lot of damage.

Carrying a healthy diet is very easy, you can train with a nutritionist or search yourself on the internet, all the information is always at your fingertips. You can also perform a cleaning every so often to eliminate toxins from the body and thus not have to worry about them hurting you.

Recipe to detoxify the body

The process of cleansing the body is vital for health, if you store toxins you will cause serious damage to your organs. These cleanings will also help you lose weight and cleanse the body. Today we bring you an incredible recipe to help you naturally do it from home.


  • Daily without bones 150 gr.
  • Cross raisins 150 gr.
  • Boiled water 5 cups


Boil the 5 cups of water, add the plums and dates, let it boil for 15 more minutes. Remove from heat and let stand.

Ready with this you will have your own homemade natural laxative, take a spoonful of this liquid every day fasting and eliminate all the debris stuck in your body. This is undoubtedly the best remedy for constipation, you will see how it is very effective.

With the passing of the days if you are constant you will feel how your body feels very well and healthy, you will see how you gradually lose weight without effort. As you see the benefit of this easy recipe is very large, do not forget to share with your friends and here everyone can enjoy it.

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