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The food we eat is dissolved with the help of enzymes or hormones, as a result of the endocrine system.

The sodium bicarbonate is made in the kidneys and with the help of pancreas qand the function is to help dissolving food.

Mostly sodium is made by pancreas and this is protecting the kidneys of some damages.

If the diet you follow tortures these organs (too much sugar, fatty foods, fried goods), kidneys and pancreas work too much and produce less sodium compounds.

The kidney disease people have problems with the bicarbonate lowered levels, or a state called metabolic acidosis.

If we lack this compound, the body acids cannot neutralize and are harmful for the kidneys and rest of organs.

In 2009, British researchers from Royal Hospital London, discovered a study about bicarbonate preventing kidney problems.

A simple compound like baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), when used as it should, is effective and healthy, according to Magdi Yaqoob, nephrology professor, academic director of the Renal Medicine and Transplantation department from Bartshealth NHS Trust, Uk.


Dissolve e a pinch baking soda under the tongue.

Get ½ tsp baking soda and ½ tsp high quality salt mix into 1.5 l water a day, and do this for 3 days.

After this, also reduce the dose to ¼ tsp baking soda and 1/3 tsp salt.

This daily dosage is not proper for every person.  It usually comes in powder form with water and for sensitive stomachs it is a trigger for nausea.

Luckily, this is not toxic, so every one can stand the taste and neglect initial nausea symptoms. The benefit is protecting kidneys and endocrine system.

NOTE: still, some tests need to be made for a complete result analysis of the sodium bicarbonate intake benefits.

Still, those that really want to repair the damage of unhealthy lifestyle with sugars and fats, this is the right choice.

You need more healthy foods and avoiding dehydrating items  like salt, tea, sugary foods, coffee, sodas and alcohol.

Never eat more than daily needs of protein, because more protein means overworked kidneys.

Eat a lot of foods with vitamin B complex since they help the protein eliminating from the body. Also, a lot of fibers, grains, fruits and veggies.

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