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Check out these easy exercises that can improve your digestion, defeat bloating, and get rid of your belly fat.

It was winter, and it was holiday season, and good food certainly took its tool. True story, there is nothing better than sharing meals and celebrating with family, but people often perceive it as their excuse to leave their healthy diet aside, and enjoy the moment.

After that, excitement simply gets the best of us, be it the pleasure of sharing a special fatty dish or a delicious desert, and we’re all easily carried away. An hour later, however, we’re all stuck on the sofa holding our stomach and wondering if we really had to do that.

How to defeat bloating?

If you sit calmly for a while bloating will eventually go away, but there is a way to do that much quicker, and return to partying with your family. In fact, there are 6 quite simple movements you can do at the very same room, and without disturbing the rest of your family.

Knees to chest

First, lie on the back and extend both the arms and the legs. Breathe slowly, and start lifting the knees towards the chest, clasping at the same time the hands around them. In the best case, hold the forearms over the shins, and support your body weight on the elbows. The back should remain on the floor (shoulder blades lying flat), while pulling the tailbone towards the floor. This will take approximately one minute.

Spinal twists in a seated position

There are two ways to do this. For example, take a mat and sit on the floor, keeping the trunk in a 90-degrees angle and the legs widely extended. Bend one of your knees and bring it up, twisting it towards the hip. Use the other elbow to leverage against it, attempting to reach back as much as possible until it hurts. This should take 30 seconds for each side of the body. If you feel like, repeat it.

The other easier way to do this is to simply cross the legs, turning back on both sides as far as possible without pain. Again, do this for 30 seconds on each side.

The chair exercise

This move will require you to stand firmly with the hips widely extended, and the toes pushed forward. Mimic a seating position, and put both arms above the head. You chest should remain as far as possible, and the shoulders should be pinned backs. For this position, you again need as much as 1 minute, but make sure you breathe correctly while doing it.

Lunge Variations

Keep the feet and hands tightly at the side, and while standing, take the largest possible step backwards using the right leg. Then, bend the other knee, clasping hands behind the back, so that the chest would be fully opened. Slowly release the hands, and return to the original position to repeat with your other leg. Proper breathing is once again essential.

The bridge

We all remember the bridge from childhood days, but the truth is it has a lot to do with good looks and burning belly fat. For those who don’t know it, this is how it is done: Lie on the floor on your back, bent the knees and keep the hips widely apart. From the same position, transfer weight to the heels in order to lift the hips, making sure your hands are clasped beneath pressuring the floor enough for you to stand up. Go as high as you can, and remain in that pose for at least a minute.

Lifting your legs up the wall

Lie on the back making sure that the butt is opposing the wall. Extend the legs on the wall’s length as much as you can, keeping palms firmly on the floor. This pose will again take just a minute, and breathing is once again very important.

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