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150 g of dates (1 cup)

150 g of plums (1 cup)

5 cups of boiled water (less water for a thicker marmalade)

As a matter of first importance, you have to cut the dates and the plums and include them in the bubbling water. At that point, you have to cook until the blend thickens.

These fixings ought to be sufficient for 20 (1 tbs.) parcels. This blend is valuable and gainful for individuals of any age. You can devour it as an expansion to your breakfast in the morning, with a glass of yogurt, a bowl of oats or whatever you lean toward.

How does this work?

Plums are loaded with fiber, but they also contain sorbitol, which relieves the constipation in several hours. You also can also try to put some plums in a glass of water and leave them like that overnight.

Drink the water and eat the plums in the morning. This will certainly help, but don’t consume too much, because it can cause diarrhea.

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