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Many people that try to lose pounds are missing meals and they are starving but with hunger you will only cause other health problems so that is not smart to do.

If you want to lose weight the best way is to speed up your metabolism and that can be achieved with many natural foods.

If your meals are made from healthy and natural ingredients then you will understand that actually the process of losing weight can be easy.

This was tested by scientists at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran. Two groups were formed and each had 44 women with excess weight.

The women were tested for the next 3 months and they needed to consume less than 500 calories daily (This is unhealthy, so you need to consume around 1400 calories + yogurt-cumin drink. )

The first group consumed 140g yogurt with 3 grams of powdered cumin every day. The second group consumed only 140g yogurt.

And after 3 months the results were spectacular – the group who consumed yogurt with cumin lost 14.64 percent more fat than the group that consumed only yogurt.

Cumin speeds up the metabolism and scientists believe that that is the reason why the group that consumed cumin lost more weight.

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