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For many, there is nothing as fun and as relaxing as sex. It’s the activity that can put you right back in the good mood after a hard day at work. But, often we seem to forget about all the benefits that regular sex gives to us.

Many people are not even aware that it is a really healthy practice, and avoiding it can have negative consequences for some.

We’ll give you 8 reasons why you should practice sex regularly. This is what happens if you don’t have an active sexual life:

  1. You get sick more easily and more often

Your immune system is directly linked with your sexual activity. When you don’t have sex for a longer period, the immune system suffers. Bacteria and germs enter into your body more easily as a result of a weak immune system.

That is why cold might become more common if you don’t have regular sex. Have sex on a regular basis to avoid weak immunity and improve your health.

  1. Sex reduces stress

If you don’t have sex for a long period of time, your stress level will also rise. Sex is great for reducing stress. When you have sex, your body produces lower amounts of stress hormones. No wonder you feel so relaxed after having sex, right?

Have sex and don’t let your stress level reach critical points. Stress might be the number one cause for getting sick. Some doctors even say stress is the number one killer in the world today.

  1. No sex leads to problems with the arousin

If you abstain from sex, nonerection becomes more common. Therefore, women have difficulty to have orgasms, and your sexual life becomes a mess. Never let this happen, stay sharp, have regular sex and never let the desire for sex go away. This is the one pleasure that you must be able to have, it is your health in question.

  1. Lack of sex changes your dreams

Most of the people who don’t have sex for longer period notice that their dreams have changed. Bad dreams might indicate that you suffer from lack of sexual action. You also might have dirty dreams and have orgasms during sleep.

All this indicates that is time for you to do something about it. Your subconscious is telling you what you need. Don’t ignore it!

  1. Over time you lose the urge for sex

If you don’t have sex for a long time, your body reacts by lowering the sex hormones. One of the symptoms is having a smaller urge for sex after being out of the game for some while.

Another symptom is your libido, it will feel strange and different than before. All this is a result of insufficient sex hormones. You need these hormones and the best way to do this is to have sex on a regular basis.

  1. Lack of sex places distance between you and your partner

Lack of sex in a relationship is never a good thing. In fact, this puts distance between the two partners. Sleeping together can diminish this distance. Sleep together as much as you can, because otherwise you might start feeling uncertain about each other.

It will be more and more difficult to get back on track. Never allow your partner to feel unwanted and undesired. By having sex you take care of each other’s needs and that makes you closer.

  1. Lack of sex can impact the self-esteem

Lack of sex can make you feel less desirable, and that can have serious impact on the self-esteem. This absence of sex can lead to sadness or even depression.  All of these things when combined can have really bad reflection on the general health.

Actually, it is a scientific fact that this influences on our confidence. Moreover, having sex is proven to help people overcome depression. If you feel one of these symptoms of sadness and/or depression, consider sex as one of the most useful antidepressant for you at the moment.

  1. Risk of cancer

Believe it or not, not having sex regularly puts people to the risk of prostate cancer. This is happening because of variety of things, like increased stress level, feeling depressed, lack of hormones linked with sexual action etc.

On the other hand, for men, it is really good to flush the pipes from time to time. By having sex you reduce the risk of prostate cancer significantly.

Can all of this be your motivation for working on your sexual life? It’s simple: Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. By having sex you give your body what it needs, thus improving its health and contributing to your own happiness.

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